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newsnotes august 2018
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Musical Album of Autographs
Gustav Vogt's Musical Album of Autographs
(15 Pieces for Oboe and English Horn)

Compiled and edited by Kristin Jean Leitterman
Oboe or English Horn and Piano

Carl Fischer Music
WF229  –  Score and Parts  –  $14.99
See sample pages (PDF)

Toward the end of his career, Gustave Vogt (1781-1870), known as the “grandfather of the modern oboe,” collected sixty-two excerpts from his colleagues’ compositions to create his famous “Musical Album of Autographs.” Gustave Vogt’s Musical Album of Autographs contains fifteen pieces for oboe or English horn from that collection, carefully curated by Dr. Kristin Leitterman for young developing players seeking simple yet sophisticated solo material.
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Complete Sight Reading Etude
The Complete Sight Reading Etude Collection
for Bass Clef Brass

By Mark Ponzo
Bass Clef Brass

Balquhidder Music
BQ194  –  Score  –  $11.95
See sample pages (PDF)

Ponzo believes, "It is imperative that the basic elements of brass playing are established and refined each day. The ability to sight read with precision and musicianship is one of these elements." To challenge students, Ponzo created 132 graded etudes in easy, intermediate, and advanced skill levels. Used successfully since 2004 for trumpet students, these etudes have now been transcribed for use by bass clef brass players.
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Violinists Daily WarmUps
The Violinist's Daily Warm-Ups and Scale System
By Roland Vamos
Violin Studies

Carl Fischer Music
BF131  –  Score  –  $14.99
See sample pages (PDF)

The Violinist’s Daily Warm-Ups and Scale System is a short set of exercises by experienced string teacher Roland Vamos. Inspired by Clarence Cameron White’s The Violinist’s Daily Dozen, which Vamos has used since he was twelve years old, Vamos has rearranged and expanded the classic exercises to include areas commonly neglected during warm-up. Also included is Vamos' own system of scales, organized in a more organic pattern, using a variety of bowings, and starting on different fingers. This short book will be a valuable addition to any violinist’s warm-up routine.
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Lansky Textures
By Paul Lansky

Two Percussionists and Two Pianos

Carl Fischer Music
MXE54F  –  Score  –  $45.00
See sample pages (PDF)

Not new issued, but available at normal discount
MXE54  –  Complete Set  –  $125.00

Textures, for two percussionists and two pianists, utilizes the wide breadth of sounds percussion instruments are able to create. Lansky instructs the players to find metals that have different decays, skins that are not too "boomy" or with a "twang", wood blocks, and keyboard instruments—creating a world of sound. Written in eight short pieces, this work is for advanced performers.
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We are pleased to re-issue two classic band works, both featured on the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List, along with other state repertoire lists.
Danza Allegre
Danza Alegre
By James F. Burke
Arranged by Erik Leidzén
Solo for Bb Trumpet (or Cornet) and Concert Band

Carl Fischer Music
J573  –  Complete Set  –  $75.00
See sample pages (PDF)

James “Jimmy” Burke enjoyed a lifetime as one of the premiere trumpet players in America, holding a number of esteemed positions in the art. Early on, he was chosen as feature trumpetist for the Goldman Band, then the Band of America, first trumpet with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and later the solo chair with the Radio City Music Hall Orchestra. As a composer, it is only natural that he would compose Danza Alegre, “a jaunty piece in the Spanish mood,” which features virtuosic trumpet solo passages. Dur.: 3'
Elegy and Fanfare
Elegy and Fanfare-March
By Roger Nixon
Concert Band

Carl Fischer Music
J618  –  Complete Set  –  $80.00
See sample pages (PDF)

Nixon's 1957 classic features a slow, moody Elegy opening, before diving headlong into a frantic and frenetic Fanfare-March, the kind of band scoring that quickens the pulse. Often programmed at the university level, this Carl Fischer Classic Band Edition is once again in print and available.
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string orchestra
Little Classic Suite
Little Classic Suite
By Howard E. Akers

String Orchestra

Carl Fischer Music
AS41  –  Complete Set  –  $40.00
AS41F  –  Full Score  –  $8.00
See sample pages (PDF)

Featured on Oklahoma and Georgia state lists, Akers' Little Classic Suite is once again available in print. Three movements (Overture, Arioso, and a fast-paced, sprightly Minuetto) make up this entry from the Carl Fischer Classic Edition series. The Akers Little Classic Suite is listed on the Texas UIL Prescribed Music List for both string orchestra and string quintet.
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Stanley Drucker
Stanley Drucker: Clarinet Master
By Mitchell Estrin

Foreword by John Corigliano

Carl Fischer Music
TXT11  –  Text  –  $32.99
See sample pages (PDF)

Stanley Drucker: Clarinet Master is a complete biography of Stanley Drucker’s musical career written by Mitchell Estrin. Recognized by the Guinness World Records for the longest career as a clarinetist, Drucker retired from the New York Philharmonic in 2009 after a legendary sixty-one-year career with the orchestra. This biography unveils Drucker’s fascinating story from his beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, to his prominence as one of the greatest clarinetists in history.
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