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Piano Music of Ervin Nyiregyhazi
36 Selected Works for Solo Piano
By Ervin Nyiregyházi
Edited by Kevin Bazzana

Carl Fischer Music
PL1053  –  Score  –  $28.99
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Ervin Nyiregyházi (1903–1987), a Hungarian who spent most of his life in America, was among the most gifted—and strangest—musicians of the twentieth century. He was an astonishing prodigy who became one of the greatest and most distinctive pianists ever heard, though his early international celebrity was followed by decades of obscurity and much personal and professional hardship. He was also a devoted and prolific but very private composer. This collection, which marks the first time any of his music has been commercially published since he was six years old, comprises 36 diverse piano pieces spanning the whole range of his output— pieces as idiosyncratic and uncategorizable as Nyiregyházi himself. Kevin Bazzana, best known for his insightful biography of Glenn Gould, Wondrous Strange, has also authored an incisive biography of Nyiregyhazi, Lost Genius. (See New Yorker review)
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Mozart Variations on Duport Minuet
Nine Variations on a Minuet by
   Jean-Pierre Duport, K. 573

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Transcribed and edited by Robert Stallman
with Cadenza by Robert Stallman
Flute and Harp (or Piano)

Carl Fischer Music
W2690  –  Score and Part  –  $16.99
See sample pages (PDF)

The Variations on Jean-Pierre Duport’s Minuet, K. 573 (originally for solo piano) are a product of Mozart’s final years, created in preparation for a visit to the royal court in Potsdam during the spring of 1789. Exuding the childlike wonder and capacity for joy that Mozart sustained throughout his life, these sunny and playful variations could almost pass for music from his youth. Only one variation reveals that they were written in one of his darkest periods: the Adagio in D Minor. Of an unearthly sadness, the Adagio presages Pamina’s famous aria “Ach, ich fuhls” from The Magic Flute, composed two years later. — Robert Stallman, Marblehead, Mass. (March 1, 2019)

Shortly after completing this edition, Robert Stallman passed away, leaving behind a lifetime legacy of music mentorship, performance, and scholarship. This collection is just a small part of that legacy.

Kreisler for Alto Saxophone
Kreisler for Alto Saxophone
Six Pieces by Fritz Kreisler
Transcribed by Jascha Gurewich or Cecil Leeson
Alto Saxophone and Piano

Carl Fischer Music
WF236  –  Score and Part  –  $21.99
See sample pages (PDF)

Fritz Kreisler (1875–1962) was celebrated as one of the greatest violinists of all time. His brilliant technique and rich tone produced a characteristic sound that was and remains immediately identifiable. This collection features six pieces that Kreisler composed or transcribed for violin and piano, in turn transcribed for alto saxophone and piano. Especially well known are the original pieces Liebesleid and Schön Rosmarin, both of which Kreisler attributed to the now-forgotten composer Joseph Lanner. Caprice Viennois and Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven are likewise original pieces from early in Kreisler’s career, which he would regularly feature as concert encores. The Old Refrain and Midnight Bells are transcriptions, the former of a Viennese popular song and the latter of an excerpt from the operetta Der Opernball by Richard Heuberger. In these six transcriptions, the instrument changes, yet the value remains.
Bresnick Conspiracies
By Martin Bresnick
Flute Solo with Four Flutes

Carl Fischer Music
W2691  –  Score  –  $32.99
See sample pages (PDF)

Bresnick's award-winning Conspiracies is an exploration of the flute's broad capacity for music-making, using spatial concepts and contemporary techniques. Written for solo flute and "four other flutes," it can be presented by five live performers or by a solo flute and pre-recorded tracks. Conspiracies has been recorded by Robert Dick (1982) and more recently by Patti Monson (2000), a one-time student of Dick's.
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The Boom Method
The Boom Method, Volume 1
Universal Fundamentals for Trumpet and Other Instruments
By Daniel Rosenboom
Trumpet Studies

Balquhidder Music
BQ201  –  Score  –  $32.95
See sample pages (PDF)

A trumpeter's trumpeter, Rosenboom is the go-to performer on the L.A. and Hollywood scene. Active in film and in jazz performance, Rosenboom has also created a foundational study for aspiring trumpet players. "For today's ever-increasing musical and technical requirements, this book offers a great mix between solid fundamentals and "bonus round" material for the advanced player, making sure we are prepared for all the possibilities that may come our way. Thanks Dan!“ –Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic
Lip Flexibilities
Lip Flexibilities - Bass Clef Edition
By Bai Lin
Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, or Tuba

Balquhidder Music
BQ38BC  –  Score  –  $13.95
See sample pages (PDF)

Bai Lin's Lip Flexibilities has become (and should be) a standard on the music stands of brass players everywhere, mentioned in one breath with the likes of Schlossberg and Irons. The trumpet professor at the Central Conservatory in Beijing, Bai Lin created an organized set of flexibility studies ranging from elementary to advanced skill levels. Balquhidder now releases a bass clef edition to benefit even more players of cupped instruments.
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Gabriel Faure Album
Two Masterpieces for Solo Harp
Impromptu, Op. 86 and Une châtelaine en sa tour…, Op. 110
By Gabriel Fauré
Edited by Carl Swanson

Carl Fischer Music
H80  –  Score  –  $21.99
See sample pages (PDF)

The years between 1900 and 1925 in Paris were some of the most fruitful in the history of harp repertoire. Debussy’s “Danses sacrée et profane” and his “Sonate pour flûte, alto, et harpe,” Caplet’s “Masque of the Red Death” and his “Two Divertissements,” Gabriel Pierné’s “Concertstücke’ and “Impromptu caprice,” and Ravel’s “Introduction et Allegro” were among the many important compositions written during this period. Many harpists would give pride of place in this list, however, to Gabriel Fauré’s “Impromptu” and “Une châtelaine en sa tour.…” now published here in one volume for the first time. These are both essentials for every serious student of the harp.
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